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Some of the roadblocks that make it more difficult or impossible to reach your goal are:
• Fear of failing
• Fear of being humiliated
• Fear of competition
• Feelings of intimidation

The mere thought of failing or looking foolish can trigger fear. The fear of being humiliated in front of a crowd or other players can cause you to tighten your muscles, change your breathing, and feel exceptionally tense or even ill. The fear of competition can have the same effects. You may experience a lack of concentration, an unfocused feeling—both mentally and physically. Your vision may blur, or you may get weak knees. Further, being intimidated by “better” players can lead to feelings of personal inadequacy and repressed anger. If you allow yourself to be intimidated, you may hold back from playing the best game you can play. You may not see yourself as being able to challenge such a fine opponent.

In addition to the aforementioned obstacles, there are some attitudinal problems which can serve as impediments to your athletic performance. The most common of these are:
• Inappropriate aggression
• Lack of confidence
• Lack of concentration
• Lack of assertiveness

Still other problems are ones of a physical nature, such as:
• Shortness of breath
• Blurred vision
• Muscle fatigue
• Weak knees
• Tension
• Butterflies

Your fears and the stress you place on yourself provide the greatest drawbacks to a good performance. How you react to pressure and changing conditions may determine whether or not you lose your concentration and ultimately lose the game or fail in your independent performance.

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