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The source of your pain will fall within one of the following categories: chronic pain; pain due to surgery; or pain due to injury, illness, or disease. As a victim of pain, you are joined by literally millions of others. Pain is the number one reason people seek medical attention, and pain killers are the most commonly and frequently used prescriptive drugs in our country.

Pain statistics are overwhelming. The pain of cancer is experienced by 800,000 Americans and 18 million throughout the world. There are roughly 70 million with excruciating back pain; 36 million contend with the raging pain of arthritis; 20 million bear the blinding, nauseating pain of migraine headaches. If you include those with other health problems, such as gout, sciatica, and unknown causes, almost one-third of the people in the U.S. have chronic pain.

Pain is a necessary and important condition within the body’s system. Without it you would not know when you were injured or ill. Pain is the message that tells you when it is time to immobilize part of your body; it relays the message of illness so that you can seek medical help.

In order to understand what your pain is trying to tell you, you need to seek a professional diagnosis. Further, always consult a medical professional before making a decision about what kind of pain control technique to choose.